Within the outsourcing domain, accounting services are regarded as the domain which requires 100% precision for that simple reason why the accounts associated with a business can’t afford any discrepancy within the amounts or records and totals. An accounts payable is exactly what the company must pay as well as an a / r is business revenue. It’s just not reasonable for let these are afflicted by any kind of loopholes.

However, prior to getting in to the information on various accounting processes and look at their outsourcing landscapes etc. you should comprehend the various accounting processes existent in almost any business.

Accounting processes can broadly be classified in to the following types:

Let’s examine each one of these groups briefly after which most likely in the following paragraphs or perhaps in another we’ll try to check out the sub – classification of those groups.

Revenue Processes –

Revenue processes, his or her name signifies are based on revenue. They’re particularly associated with inflow of cash in the industry. Accounts receivables, sales orders and customer invoicing – all fall in this particular range. Quite simply, revenue processes have to do with money that will be earned.

Disbursement Processes –

However, disbursement processes are based on expenses. These may be associated with several types of disbursements or payments like – Accounts payable, travel and entertainment expenses (inside the organization), cash disbursement processes, or processing the documents associated with the letter of credit. Quite simply, all of these are processes associated with output of cash.

General Accounting and Book-keeping Processes

General accounting and book-keeping processes have to do with maintaining overall ledger accounts. This implies that it – keepers ensure precision of timely records and frequently take proper care of updating accounts chats. This method includes generating trial balances and shutting accounts whenever needed. Further bank reconciliations and account reconciliations together with preparation of monetary statements like balance sheets, earnings statement and funds – flow statements etc. will also be taken proper care of generally accounting and book keeping.

Fixed Asset and Capital Accounting Processes

These process aim at companies to keep depreciation tables and schedules, keep up with the accounts which are a piece – in – progress along with the take into account write – offs and valuation adjustments. Additionally they take proper care of reconciling the ledger records with fixed asset accounts.

Cost and Inventory Accounting Processes

On price and inventory accounting, the accountants take proper care of developing and updating costs, maintaining inventory records and performing variance analysis.