Both installment and payday loans especially for bad credit can be useful in numerous ways depending upon the requirements of the borrower. These loans are even termed as high cost and small dollar loans. It is because they normally carry higher interest. The following are some of the important basics about them that will help you in deciding which one can be right for you!

Payday loans

Payday loans are basically meant to be for short term that can be generally paid back in just 30 days or less. The pay back is usually due on upcoming payday. This is exactly where things may get tricky for customers since they may find themselves a bit short on next payday. It is generally good idea to use this kind of loan especially if there are any extra funds that are coming in.

The payday installment loans are normally set up by post-dating check or even by automatic withdrawal after paycheck of the borrower have already been deposited in account that is used for securing the loan. A fee is charged and is normally a higher percentage. So, it is best if they be ready for it. Moreover, the loan is usually unsecured and lender will likely take borrower’s ability for repaying the loan into proper considerations before approving. If for any reason, the borrower fails to pay the loan back, then they will likely be faced with more fees and that can be owed in next 2-4 weeks.

Installment loans

Installment loans generally carry interest, principal, and finance charges for including fees and insurance. It is generally then repaid in the monthly installments that are fixed as well as set over decided months. APR is also higher than that is listed on contract due to different kinds of credit insurance. So, you need to pay attention to it.

Another important consideration to make is that they can also be renewed in little time like every few months with new credit insurance, interest charges, as well as rates. In most of the cases, loan amount will likely be reset to first amount that is borrowed and sometimes it may even be increased. For securing this loan, you will likely require using property like electronic device, car, jewelry, firearm, or other such high-priced items.

Using the above information, you can decide which loan option can be right for you. Just make sure to be disciplined when it comes to repaying the loan and you are sure to get its ultimate benefits.